40 Great reasons to own a swimming pool

1. The Endless Vacation – Owning a swimming pool is like being on permanent vacation: it’s always a great day and tomorrow will be a great day too. The entire family will think they’ve moved to paradise.

2. The Essence of Enjoyment – A backyard swimming pool is always a fun place. No matter how it is used – for games, for relaxation, or for exercise – the pool experience is pure enjoyment at its finest.

3. Kids Learn To Swim Early – Most children naturally love water. Just wait until they learn to swim! What better, healthier environment is there than a place they can go and be themselves – the fish of the family?

4. Teach Grandma and Grandpa to Swim – So many elders never had the chance to learn to swim. They’ve loved watching the grandchildren in a pool and more than likely would love to join them. Go ahead: teach them in your own private oasis where they feel comfortable and secure.

5. Learn to Snorkel – Sure it’s great to snorkel in the tropics, but not everyone has the opportunity to go there. The family pool is a great alternative. The children will believe they’re swimming with the sharks off the great-barrier reef. Thankfully, they’re at home just outside the window.

6. Encourage Togetherness – Like a magnet, the family pool – and especially the spa – encourage everyone to come together, some call it bonding, others simply call it love – the kind that keeps families close.

7. The Kids are Only Young Once – Just ask the parent who has sent a son or daughter off to college wondering where the time went. If there ever was a perfect reason to purchase a pool today, it’s children.

8. What Else Gives so Much Pleasure? – Think about it. Name a purchase or attended event that pleases like a swimming pool. A vacation, a party, a movie or even a month at a theme park all come quickly to an end. In a blink of an eye they’re gone, but a swimming pool adds pleasure for years.

9. Give the Family Something Special – There’s nothing to look forward to that’s more special than a new swimming pool. All families eagerly await the purchase. For most, it’ll be like a dream coming true; nothing can be better than that.

10. Incredible Toys to Play With – A swimming pool opens up so many new avenues of fun. There are many great toys for pools that will delight everyone in the family, from floats to boats to things that encourage you to feel your oats. Holiday presents, anyone?

11. Good, Clean Fun – From the youngest child to the oldest member of the family, a pool represents all the good things of life. And watching people of all ages having fun in a pool is enough to lighten the heart and give one reason to smile.

12. Memories – Not the song, but the real thing. Remember what a swimming pool meant to you as a child? Now imagine what it will do for the children in your home. You might be sparking the best memories of all.

13. Quintessentially the Best – Inch for inch, minute for minute, there are more fun opportunities for kids and parents in the pool than any other place on.

14. Let the Family Know You Care – There are gifts and then there are gifts. Nothing quite compares to a pool, no matter what kind, shape or size. Any pool is perfect. Best of all, a pool says something special to the ones you love. It’s an opportunity to get closer together and it works marvelously well.

15. The Theme Park You Own – With so many games, floats, slides and toys available, it’s no wonder the backyard pool has been dubbed a theme park. What’s especially nice, it never has long lines and you control the hours when it’s open. Fun happens here on a continuous basis.

16. Better Health – It is possible to treat yourself and your loved ones to great entertainment at home and a healthier lifestyle as well. A swimming pool in the backyard is all of that and more.

17. The Best Exercise – People who use their pool as part of their everyday exercise think that swimming and aquatics are the very best exercises for the body. Many physicians and health trainers agree. Water exercises are more beneficial because they put less stress on limbs and joints.

18. The Way to Sleep Better – A lot of people who own swimming pools have concluded that a late evening swim or a few minutes in the spa invites the best sleep of all. Somehow the muscles seem to relax and you sleep better as a result of the experience.

19. Great for Arthritis and Sore Joints – Some people who suffer from the pain of arthritis are convinced that a regular program of water exercises is one of the ways to beat the debilitating effects of the disease. Obviously, everyone should contact a doctor first. Then, if permitted, get into a rehabilitation program as quickly as possible.

20. A Wonderful Environment for Those with Disabilities – Pool and spa accessory manufacturers have developed lifts and access equipment so that all family members can enjoy the benefits of the water. What was once considered a playground for the fit is now a perfect destination for those in need of aquatic exercise at home.

21. A Strong Heart – Most people recognize that a program of exercise and a healthy diet is a great way to stay in shape. Swimming and aquatics can help all family members maintain their weight and also build a strong, healthy heart. A backyard pool may be the ticket to a longer, healthier life.

22. Aquatics Are In – A great number of books and magazines talk about the superior benefits of aquatics versus other types of exercise. With a pool in your backyard you can enjoy what some call the perfect exercise for the entire body.

23. Work Off Big Meals Quickly -The pool in the backyard is more than just convenient. It’s a great inducement for exercise anytime. There really isn’t a better way to get the metabolism going.

24. A Great Alternative to Becoming a Couch Potato – After a busy day or a big meal, too many American’s take to the easy chair and sleep themselves into poor health. The backyard pool can help everyone from becoming a couch potato.

25. Better Than Watching Television – While TV can sometimes be entertaining it is no competition for good fun and healthy exercise. A swimming pool offers both – maybe even a longer life.

26. Sports are More Fun in the Pool – Everyone enjoys games in the pool. Some are more fun because they can involve most family members, not just the ones who excel.

27. Swimming and Exercise are Healthy Ways to Regain a Lost Appetite – The effects of water on the appetite are phenomenal. A regular exercise program in the pool may help some family members get back into good eating habits.

28. Help Your Children Build Self-Confidence – Learning to swim, dive and interact compatibly with others helps build confidence in children and prepares them for life.

29. Lessons Learned in a Pool can Last Forever – While exercise, diet, self-confidence and health are all individually great motivating factors for the purchase of a swimming pool, each plays a role in life that is long-term in nature.

30. Stress-Free Floating – Floating is freedom – freedom from stress and freedom from any kind of tension. This stress-free experience allows you to think about life, the family and all the jobs you handle. It can free you of all cares and woes.

31. Perfect for Entertaining – Everything works better outdoors. Food, conversation, neighborhood gatherings all are special events when you have a pool.

32. Pride of Ownership – A swimming pool is one of those great purchases that makes people wonder why they hadn’t bought sooner. There’s the same kind of pride as for one’s car or one’s home.

33. Pool Parties for all Ages – A birthday party for kids can be a hassle, but when it’s by the pool, it’s really memorable. Adults love pool parties, too. A swimming pool adds a unique twist to the old way of doing things.

34. World’s Best Picnics – Picnics are fun. They’re even better when it’s your turn to play host. That’s because you have a pool to keep everyone entertained.

35. Start a Trend – Be the first. That new pool in the neighborhood is usually the catalyst for others that follow. You knew it was a great idea when you decided to build, but then, you always were the trendsetter, weren’t you?

36. You’ve Arrived – Your new swimming pool is a symbol that tells the world that you know how to live. It’s a milestone purchase on the road of life.

37. Envy of the Neighborhood – Beyond the notion that you can afford a swimming pool, the purchase, especially on a hot day, is one that leaves neighbors wishing they could make.

38. No Longer Envious of Others – The purchase of a swimming pool relieves all of the envious desires that were once built-up. You’ve joined the club. You’re one of the “have.”

39. Strut Your Stuff – You look good in bathing suites but none of your friends or neighbors can tell. Show them when you invite them to your pool parties.

40. Be the Talk of the Town – This very visible purchase will give all your neighbors something special to talk about. It demonstrates the importance of having fun and family values.

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